Good for your brain!

A free gateway for gathering Groove energy;  globally!

Your life matters, billions of people, grooving as One, in order for us to have the power to get miraculous!!


Global Vision:

Statement of facts... Drumming will allow  your creative intuitions, to propagate our species!! Every one has an inner need to beat a drum. The health benefits are extensive. The fun factors are endless. Everyone can get entrained while Grooving!!

Mission: When enough people are Grooving, for a long enough period of time.... miraculous things will happen to you & our world!!!

Dream passion: Everyone has dreams about their lives. We will create these miracles and get everyone in their zone. It's believed by many, that we've been created in God's image.  Our society (us Gods) have created miraculous machines & have discovered amazing realities.  This means you are capable of creating the needed miracles of  today, as a united front!!!

​​Groovism will:

At no cost to to anyone, supply digital equipment & connections needed, for uniting the  global community  Also, in all low-tech communities, in all societies. will be given digital abilities.  We also plan to train Groovemeisters, who are to be granted with unlimited wi-fi connections and drums for them to facilitate, and globally connect, any locally organized Grooving events.

    Individuals Grooving, as well as Groovemeister led community events, will be asked to send good intentions across the planet. Your tax deductible contributions will enable us to enlighten more people to their Groovist instincts, & send positive intentions around the world.

Goovism is based on facts:

Humans have an instinct to create music.
We also have the instinct to gather.
Entrained gatherings  "Grooving", create a powerful atmosphere,  that's been known for the entire history of man.
Drumming can ease one into meditation.
It is physically invigorating to drum.
Drumming stimulates many regions of the brain.
Musical communications reach deeper levels.

The power of millions Grooving together will be miraculous!

Your tax deductible donations will allow us to bring the needed equipment, technologies, and computer skills, to all cultures and societies, around the world.  With these technologies they will achieve rest, with The Groove.  In addition to the Groovemeister expenses, shown on our home page, there are many other ongiong Grooving expenses your donation will enable!

Drumming will fulfill your spiritual needs & give your life a purpose, focus, & flow!!!

"A dream you dream alone is just a dream, a dream you dream together will be our reality."

John Lennon

About Groovism